Author: James R. Riordon

Neutrinos offer a new view of the Milky Way

Scientists have made the first image of the Milky Way using neutrinos. The extremely low-mass subatomic particles have no electric charge, and pass easily through gas, dust and even stars on their way from the places where they originate to detectors here on Earth. High-energy neutrinos zip throughout the cosmos, but where they come from […]

Videos of gold nanoparticles snapping together show how some crystals grow

Mesmerizing videos offer a new look at the ways crystals form. The real-time clips, described March 30 in Nature Nanotechnology, show closeup views of microscopic gold particles tumbling, sliding and flitting about before clicking into place in crystalline structures. Before embarking on the study, physicist Erik Luijten of Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., had expected […]

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